Friday, April 17, 2009

Master Flavio visits US ARMY Soldiers

Grand Master Flavio Behring continues to teach and educate US soldiers over seas at US Army Headquarters (Patch Barracks) in Stuttgart Germany. Thank you Grand Master Flavio for your dedication to the future of US Military forces.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Absolute Fighters at EFN 8

Absolute Fighters Steven "RAZOR" Sharp and John "SHARK" Sharp return to the cage May 1st at Horns Elite Fight night in Layton, Utah at the Davis Conference Center. Tickets are available at the gym so stop by and pick them up from us. Remember not to wait until the last minute because a percentage of the fighters ticket sales goes back to the fighters, so help support our team and Horns EFN.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grand Master Flavio Behring featured...

8 page article Full color + DVD

the Cover

Masters magazine Summer 09 issue features an 8 page article written by Allan Schein and photographed by our own Miyo Strong on Grand Master Flavio Behring and his life in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Flavio shares his thoughts about Jiu-jitsu grand past and its bright future.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Absolute team updates

Absolute Fighters at EFN

Congrats fellas. Great work. Both Fighters finishing thier fight in the 1st round. John Sharp recieved KO of the night for his upkick KO of Cody Uddy.

John Sharp vs. Cody Udy. John Sharp TKO 1 1:56 Knock Out

Vadim "Dave" Komarov vs. Eric Tilletson. Vadim "Dave" Komarov Rear Naked Choke 1 1:13

To see some great pictures of the fights check out Miyo's blog

Rob Handley and John Sharp after the KO.

The Gang! After Daves win.

Absolute team updates


Ben Garner Vs. Noah Jenkins

Congrats Gang. Here are the results Top Adult team!!!

Champion Submission Challenge X

Overall Top Team

Throwdown ETC [18 Competitors Placed (12 Adults + 6 Kids), 11 First Places (5 Adults + 6 Kids)]
2nd: Absolute MMA [15 Competitors Placed (15 Adults), 5 First Places (5 Adults)]
3rd: Fusion Academy [11 Competitors Placed (4 Adults + 7 Kids), 3 First Places (1 Adult, 2 Kids)]
4th: UVU Jiu-Jitsu [10 Competitors Placed (10 Adults), 4 First Places (4 Adults)]
5th: BYU Jiu-Jitsu [8 Competitors Placed (6 Adults + 2 Teens), 3 First Places (1 Adult, 2 Teens)]

Top Adult Team

Absolute MMA (15 competitors placed)
2nd: Throwdown ETC (12 competitors placed)
3rd: UVU Jiu-Jitsu (10 competitors placed)
4th: BYU Jiu-Jitsu (6 competitors placed)
5th: Fusion Academy (4 competitors placed)

Advanced Men

Light Weight (146-174 lbs)
1st: Steven Siler (Throwdown)
2nd: Robert Densley (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Steve Sharp (Absolute MMA)

Heavy Weight (175-246 lbs)
1st: Ben Garner (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Marc Brewer (Throwdown)
3rd: Noah Jenkins (Fusion Academy)

Intermediate Men

Light Weight (147-157 lbs)
1st: Denver Merrifield-Nirva (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Josh Siyavong (Absolute MMA)

3rd: Riley Petersen (Absolute MMA)

Middle Weight (162-176 lbs)
1st: Steven Siler (Throwdown)
2nd: Jamie Anton (Throwdown)
3rd: Chris Kennedy (Absolute MMA)

Heavy Weight (188-196 lbs)
1st: Jordan Smith (Throwdown)
2nd: Arnold Anderton (Throwdown)
3rd: Brandon Ploehn (Absolute MMA)

Super Heavy Weight (244-346 lbs)
1st: Aaron Magro (Fusion Academy)
2nd: Arlund Lewis (Throwdown)
3rd: Ryan Williamson (Absolute MMA)

Beginner Men

Welter Weight (151-162 lbs)
1st: Bryan Anderson (Rage Fitness)
2nd: Curtis Hauser (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Matthew Cannon (Absolute MMA)

Heavy Weight (200-263 lbs)
1st: Josh Gustaveson (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Kinney Hicken (Paul Tom Academy)
3rd: Dugan Wightman (UCTC)

Novice Men

Super Heavy Weight (219-320 lbs)
1st: Nafetalai Po’uha (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Thomas Kane (UVU)
3rd: Jeff Harding (BYU)


Light Weight (117-145 lbs)
1st: Tandi Schaeffer (Throwdown)
2nd: Miyo Strong (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Amanda Stockli (BYU)

Middle Weight (171-210 lbs)
1st: Vanessa Alexander (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Julie Chamberlain (Champion/Throwdown)
3rd: Anastasia Chase (UVU)

Middle Weight (126-135 lbs)
1st: Francisco Torrens (Paul Evens MA)
2nd: Brad Spencer (Unbreakable)
3rd: Braden Kilpack (Absolute MMA)

Kids Advanced

Feather Weight (62-72 lbs)
1st: Cooper Legas (Throwdown)
2nd: Nathan Malloy (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Jacob Garcia (Fusion Academy)

Middle Weight (103-107 lbs)
1st: Isaiah Gonzalez (Fusion Academy)
2nd: Brock Szczypkowski (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Dillon Yama (Fusion Academy)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marcio Corleta Seminar

the Behring Team!!

Marcio Corleta demonstrating the finer points of the Triangle.

Old friends!! Rob Handley and Marcio Corleta

Thank you everyone for making it out to the Marcio Corleta seminar. We had a great time training and I hope everyone had fun and learned something new. Every teacher has their own style and methodology and I always welcome Marcio's friendship, knowledge and experience. Marcio is a 2X World Champion and Pan American champion as well as Mirko Cro Cop's jiu-jitsu coach. It was good to catch up with my old friend and share his passion for Behring Jiu Jitsu with everyone at Absolute MMA.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Marcio Corleta returns to Utah

2009 Pan American Jiu Jitsu Champion

Names that stood out were Kron Gracie, Ruben Charles, and Marcio Corleta. These fighters have been on the sport BJJ scene for quite a while and they continued their dominance this year by submitting their respective opponents in the division finals. Corleta in particular put on a dominating performance transitioning from move to move against Rodrigo Cavaca almost as if he was shooting an instructional video! To read more click here