Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The American Kettlebell Club Classic takes place in Las Vegas, NV on May 3rd 2008. This Competition is open to all Kettlebell Lifters in the USA and is free of charge to both competitors and spectators. The AKC Classic is a National Competition contesting the traditional lifts of Jerk, Snatch, and LongCycle for American Lifters.

If you haven't noticed already Coach Rob Handley has training daily for several weeks preparing for this competition. The workouts are an amazing feat of strength endurance and mental fortitude. He has already posted almost double the numbers since last years National Competition, and continues to push the threshold of 10 minutes in both the Jerk and Snatch.
Saturday is the day, so we'll update you later.

Throwdown Showdown

145ers Camrann Pacheco vs. Casey Beckstead
Throwdown Showdown in Orem, Utah April 18th 2008

The gang's all here....Steve Sharp, Camrann Pacheco, Rob Handley, Levi Lloyd
(nobody knew which camera to look at)

In an unfortunate injury-shortened fight that started off with a furious pace, doctors called the bout between Casey Beckstead and Camrann Pacheco after Pacheco accidentally sliced Beckstead's eyelid while the two battled in guard on the ground. This is a matchup that will get another chance once the injury heals.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Steven "RAZOR" Sharp
WFC ARMAGEDDON Denver, Colorado April 12, 2008

Josh "the Peoples Warrior" Burkman, Steven "Razor" Sharp, Rob "Coach" Handley

Steve Sharp Vs Mat Ver Halen for the WFC Lightheavyweight championship. Sharp controlled the action for all of round with positional dominance and GNP while Ver Halen was kept busy defending strikes. Round two saw Sharp again controlling the ground action. After several submission attempts and lots of good elbow strikes Sharp sunk in an armbar for the submission victory at 3:07 of round two. Sharp is still the WFC Lightweight champion.