Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jiu-jitsu class 12/21/10

Glad to see the participation last night. If you are a blue belt or higher, expect to do the self defense shark tank drill when Grand Master Flavio gets here in January. Practice now and practice smart. If you aren't a blue belt yet, practice now so you will be prepared. You never know who he is going to ask for a demonstration...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Absolute Fighter Denver Merrifield-Nirva wins at Showdown

Pedro Sierra, Rob Handley, Denver Merrifield-NIrva, Camrann Pacheco

Congratulations DENVER!!!!! Denver Merrifield-Nirva def. Keaton Atkinson by tapout to Rear Naked Choke (RNC) @ 2:30 of Round 1

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kettlebell Seminar was a huge success

Catherine Imes and Rob Handley

We had some excellent Kettlebell training with Catherine Imes, Master of Sport. She visited to give some instruction on kettlebells and fitness.

Day one - Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Certification

Catherine started on Friday, teaching the Kettlebell Fitness Protocol. I attended this course to obtain my certification but little did I know the extent and level of knowledge I would receive! We got a basic overview of the basic techniques included of which we were already to have a good understanding. Even in this basic instruction there were great pieces of information which will help me and those I train to be more efficient. Hand positioning, swing technique, the importance of building basic technique to develop more complex movements and breathing were a few of the items covered. We then moved on to the Fitness Protocol. Catherine explained the methodology and reasoning behind it as well as several types of example workouts. We recieved our Certifications and a great deal more then expected.

Day two and three - kettlebell enthusiast and fighter training

Fighters and kettlebell enthusiasts were present for these classes. We had a large variance in the level of experience in this group. Participants had from competition experience and a few years of training to never having touched a kettlebell before. Catherine taught at a level all could benefit and learn from. She went over basic techniques and made us practice each one with instruction for each which corrected flaws in our practice. She stressed the basics and proper technique which is exactly how we train for Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. We did a mini workout to help identify rough spots and correct them. Catherine then held a question and answer session at the end of each day which allowed us to clear up any misunderstanding or difficulties.

Catherine is obviously a very knowledgeable coach and trainer. She was also very approachable and didn't hold information back. We are very fortunate to have her train us and will work hard to reap the benefits of this education.

-Pedro Sierra

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Absolute MMA top Utah team again

On July 31st Team Absolute competed in the Utah Grappling Games. This tournament was by far one of our best showings ever. Everyone had a great time, and there were no lasting injuries from the tournament. Congratulations to everyone that participated, but extra kudos to Bentley Garner who placed 1st in the invitation-only “Grappler Fight Show” division, and to Riley Peterson who was the Absolute Champion, taking 1st place out of the entire Men’s Gi Division. Listed below are Team totals and individual placing:

Overall Top Teams- 1st place w/36 points
Top Adult Teams- 1st place w/31 points
Top Gi Teams- 1st place w/19 points
Top No-Gi Teams-1st place w/17 points

Champion Grappler Fight Show
Bentley Garner- 1st place w/4 points

Absolute/Division Champion-Men's Gi
Riley Peterson- 1st place w/4 points

Gi Divisions

Advanced Men's Gi

Feather/Light/welter: 0-169.9 lbs
Cameron Dansie-2nd place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-199.9lbs
Michael "Stumper" Brown- 3rd place w/2 points

Men's Blue Belt

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9 lbs
Riley Peterson- 1st place w/2 points
Denver Merrifield-Nirva- 3rd place w/1 point

Light/Welter: 150-169.9
Chris Kennedy- 1sr place w/2 points

Men's White Belt

Light: 150-159.9 lbs
Nic Johnson- 2nd place w/1 point

Heavy/Open: 200+ lbs
Jared Fackrell- 3rd place w/1 point

Women Gi

Middle weight: 140-159.9 lbs
Chelsea Kilpack- 2nd place w/1 point

Beginner Junior Gi

Teen Divison: 2
Chase Lazar- 2nd place w/1 point
Teen Division: 3
Aaron Thomson- 1st place w/ 2 points

No Gi Divisions

Advanced Men's No Gi

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9lbs
Cameron Dansie- 2nd place w/2 points

Men Intermediate No Gi

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9 lbs
Denver Merrifield-Nirva- 1st place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-199.9 lbs
Jeff Nelson- 1st place w/ 2 points

Men Beginner No Gi

Light: 150-159.9 lbs
Nic Johnson- 1st place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-189.9 lbs
Jeff Nelson- 1st place w/2 points

Beginner Junior No Gi
Teen: Division 2
Aaron Thomson- 1st place w/2 points

Great Work!! Click here for more results

Friday, August 20, 2010

meet MMA Business Staff member Ron Benefield

Ron Benfield Joins MMA Business Staff

Richard Hendricks, publisher of MMA Business magazine, recently announced the addition of Ron Benfield as Advertising Sales Manager. Ron replaces former Sales Manager Todd Brehe, who stepped down for personal reasons. MMA Business is the premier business-to-business magazine serving the vibrant Mixed Marital Arts industry.

"We are sorry to see Todd go, he did a great job moving the magazine forward during our first year," Hendricks said. "But we are extremely excited to bring someone of Ron's experience and passion on board. He is a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast as well as a marketing professional who understands the business-side of the sport."

Benfield trains at Absolute MMA in West Jordan, Utah. Prior to joining MMA Business, he owned a motorcycle aftermarket clothing company, and also spent several years as Accessory Sales and Marketing Manger for American Suzuki Motor Corporation, in southern California.

"I am excited to work with so many great MMA businesses, gyms and athletes," Benfield said. "This is a great opportunity to be part of a publication that is so focused on helping grow the MMA community. I look forward to working with companies in this industry, and helping them promote their products and services to our highly-targeted audience of MMA gym owners and trainers."

You can reach Ron at:

Ron Benfield

Advertising Sales Manager

MMA Business Magazine


Absolute Fighter Koffi Adzitso

We want to congratulate our teammate Koffi "The Lion King" Adzitso for his win on August 6th! Koffi fought in the "Fight Kings" promotion against Lee "The Cobra" Doss and won by submission (punches) twenty-nine seconds into the second round. Koffi is a great teammate that always shows his support to everyone at Absolute; whether he is coming to watch grappling tournaments, other fights, or birthday parties for the team. He is a great participant on and off of the mat and we're grateful he's found a home at Absolute MMA.

Congrats Koffi, we can't wait to see you fight again!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Absolute fighters at "So You Wanna Fight"

On June 12th the promotion “So You Wanna Fight” made it’s first stop in Ogden. The show is promoted as an amateur event, where anyone can fight for the opportunity to win one thousand dollars; all you need to sign up is blood work and some courage. We had quite a few guys go out for the event, and all of them did extremely well! Chris Kennedy, Javier Jones, Bentley Garner, Jake Kenison, and Erik Groberg all had their debut fights in the ring that night.

Javier fought at 133 lbs in the MMA segment. His first fight showcased that he has amazing takedown defense, and stellar boxing. His opponent was hard pressed to land any shots, and he walked away with a win by Decision. Javier showcased some amazing jiu-jitsu in his second fight, he defended a guillotine and got the takedown, where he quickly went from side-control to mount, and then took the back. Javier put the squeeze on his opponent and won by submission with an RNC. For the final fight, Javier won with another RNC, sweeping his entire division. He walked away virtually unscathed, spare a few nasty cuts from long fingernails. Congrats on the 1st place win, Mr. Jones!

Chris Kennedy fought at 154 lbs and also fought in the MMA portion of the event. In Chris’ first fight he put on quite a show, and finished the fight with a triangle choke. The second fight for Chris was quite the battle, but he ultimately won with a split decision. For his final match, Chris fought a really nice guy named Dylan that drove all the way in from Fillmore, and won the fight with an RNC; he brought home the 1st place medal and a thousand dollars! In a true show of sportsmanship, Chris gave ten percent of his prize money to his final competitor. Congrats, Chris!

Bentley Garner fought at 187 lbs in the MMA portion of the show. Ben’s first fight was mostly a show of his kickboxing skills, with only one takedown to the mount, he beat his opponent before the round ended due to ref stoppage. In his second fight, Ben had two takedowns and dominated in the mount with massive punches to his opponent’s face. The fight went to Ben in a unanimous decision. It was during Ben’s second fight that the “So You Wanna Fight” rules became the most perplexing; in order to promote lively fights the fighters are given thirty seconds to work on the ground, every time a duo hits the canvas a timer starts, and if the action isn’t being pushed, both fighters are stood back up to beat on each other. During Ben’s fight he was stood up three separate times while punching the guy in the face, this was quite unnerving to our coaches, as well as some of the participants. In his third fight, Ben stayed in the mount for about a minute and a half, and won his division by unanimous decision, taking home the prize money and a 1st place medal. Congrats, Bentley!

Jacob Kenison fought at 182 lbs in the MMA portion and had a stellar performance in his first fight, he won by unanimous decision, and took home a 2nd place medal. Congrats, Jake!

Erik Groberg was the only person from the gym that fought in the boxing portion of the show, and he won by ref stoppage in the second round, and brought home our fourth 1st place medal for the night. Great job, Erik!

We want to congratulate all of the teammates that went out to compete; each one of you did a great job in your first fight! Many thanks to all of the teammates that came out to support the show, the events aren’t complete without your presence. Lastly, thank you to our stellar coaches that came out to corner everyone.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Valery Fedorenko and Catherine Imes in Utah

Hey Gang, heads up Valery Fedorenko and Catherine Imes will be presenting a WKC Kettlebell course Aug 20-22, hosted by Rob Handley and Absolute MMA in West Jordan, Utah. A special class for fighters is being scheduled now. Stay tuned for more information.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Absolute fighters in exhibition kickboxing

We've had some recent amateur fights for the team, starting with Braeden Kilpack in March, and recently Terrell Sanders and AmberLee Watkins. All three teammates did extremely well, and we want to congratulate them for all of their hard work. Each one excelled in the ring, and although the matches are "exhibition only," we all consider you guys to be winners.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Training with Sangtiennoi

As most of you know Camrann and I went to LA to train with Muay Thai Legend Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj in his first ever U.S. Seminar Appearance hosted by Boxing Works, Hermosa Beach, CA!

Sangtiennoi is the head trainer at the world famous Baan Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a former Champion at both Rajadamnern and Lumpini Stadiums, the premier venues for Muay Thai. In addition to his own fighting prowess, he has taught and trained numerous champions in Muay Thai, K-1, Kickboxing and MMA!

We continue to grow and learn as students, teachers and martial artists. Thank you to Sangtiennoi, Bryan and everyone at Boxing Works. First class opportunity! We can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Absolute MMA fighter Eduardo Rivera at WCFC

SALT LAKE CITY — When it comes to fighting, Eduardo Rivera doesn't need much motivation.

He's been fighting on the streets all his life. For the last couple of years, he's channeled his energy and talent into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

"When we have problems, we call Eduardo," said his older brother Carlos, who worked his corner in his rematch against Sean Whalen Saturday night in the World Championship Full Contact's Proving Ground at the Rail Event Center on Saturday. "He used to fight on the streets with his friends."

But the Peruvian native who now calls West Jordan home wasn't sure he wanted to fight Whalen again. Rivera knocked Whalen out in 36 seconds in their first fight last fall at the McKay Event Center. So when Whalen's coach called Rivera's coach, Rob Handley, he declined the offer.

"His coach said he wanted him to keep progressing, not to do the same thing," said Carlos Rivera. "Then he said, if he will come fight, he will double the pay and give him a house if he wins."

And while it took him about four minutes longer to beat Whalen the second time, Rivera knocked Whalen out at 4:26 of the first round to earn the win — and a house.

"I am so happy about the house," said Rivera as he grimaced in pain from what he believes are broken ribs. "My father is sick and I rent, so this is good for my family."

His brother said he loves the sport as much as he needs it.

"He fights because he loves to fight and he needs it," Carlos Rivera said.

And Rivera doesn't lack drive or talent, said his coach Rob Handley, who trains him and two other athletes who competed Saturday night to a standing-room only crowd.

TO read more about the fight click here

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Muay Thai Tuff Girls

Congratulations Alexis Asher on your win against Kailin Curran.

Please vote for Alexis click here

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Absolute Fighters go 2-1 in WCFC

Koffi Adzisto defeats Mike Arrant by decision after the fight is stopped in the 3rd round due to an inadvertent eye poke that required 10 stitches.

Eduardo Rivera
defeats Sean Whalen via Knock Out 4:34 1st Round. Sean Whalen gives his fight purse to Eduardo along with a HOUSE!!!

Brian Thomas defeats Robert Densley via Unanimous Decision.

To read more about the fights click here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rising Star 35 - Tuff Girls Fight Night

Vote for Alexis Asher and Sierra Dickens
click here

watch the fights live Friday night
click here

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Absolute fighter TY LEE

Scott Barrett vs. Ty Lee added to Bellator 19 in season-three tourney qualifier

A pair of heavyweight prospects will compete at Bellator 19 in hopes of landing a spot in the promotion's season-three tournament bracket. ( has learned that heavyweight prospects Scott Barrett (9-1 MMA, 0-0 BFC) and Ty Lee (7-0 MMA, 0-0 BFC) have agreed to meet at Bellator 19, and an official announcement from the organization is expected shortly.

Bellator 19 takes place May 20 in Grand Prairie, Texas, and features the promotion's welterweight tournament semifinals and a non-title "super fight" between Bellator featherweight champ Joe Soto and Diego Saraiva.

A Georgia native, Barrett has won nine of his 10 career outings and is currently on a three-fight win streak. The former wrestler is fortunate to still be fighting after undergoing surgery for a detached retina in 2008.

Barrett's lone loss came to top heavyweight prospect and recent UFC signee Chad Corvin in February 2009. Eight of Barrett's victories have come by stoppage, and seven of those have come in the opening frame. Barrett had been expected to face Jeff Monson at an XKL event in March, but "The Snowman" backed out of the fight at the last moment citing back injury.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old Lee brings an undefeated record to the cage. A former champion high school wrestler and collegiate footballer, Lee made his professional debut in 2006 and has reeled off seven-straight victories – five by first-round stoppage – to open his career.

Lee fought most recently in a June 2009 submission win over veteran journeyman Ruben "Warpath" Villareal.

To read more about Bellator fights click here

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Absolute Fighters at WCFC

155 Light Weight
Robert "The Wrecker" Densley (Absolute MMA) vs Brian "The Cannibal" Thomas (The Academy)......Both of these sluggers have been away from the game for a little while and plan on making a huge "dent" in the lightweight division now that they are back. The Wrecker at one one time was Utah's undisputed lightweight champ and Brian is Undefeated in the cage.

170 Welter Weight
Sean Whalen (The Academy) vs Eduardo Rivera (Absolute MMA)..... this fight is a rematch, similar to the Arrant/Koffi fight Sean was hit with a wild right hook that ended his night.... he wants nothing more than to beat Eduardo and has agreed to give Eduardo a HOUSE if he beats him again!! Sean is a multi millionaire and owner of "Empower Group"....he fights for the fun of it!!

Lindsey Barnes (Absolute MMA) vs Brittany Howard (Foleys MMA)......Brittny Howard had her first pro fight against Tandie Schaffer in Orem, she is a scrapper and one of Utah's top female fighters. Lindsey Barnes has been training with some of the best including Steven "Razor" Sharp. I am expecting one of the best "Girl Fights" ever!

170 Welter Weight
"Mad" Mike Arrant (Labato MMA, One Hit MMA) vs Koffi "Lil Rampage" Adzitso (Absolute MMA)..... this fight is a rematch, Mike KO'ed Koffi in 30 seconds with what Koffis camp called "a lucky shot"..Koffi asked for a rematch and Mike excepted. Dont blink or you may miss this fight!!

Recent Events

We’ve been very busy at Absolute MMA, so the posts have been sparse, but we’re going to throw some recent event information at you.

During March we had two separate grappling tournaments that the team participated in. The first tournament was put on by NAGA (North American Grappling Association) in Colorado. For the tournament we had three competitors go out to fight: Denver Merrifield-Nirva, Jeff Nielsen, and Bentley Garner.

NAGA Colorado

Jeff brought his wonderful and supportive family along for the trip as he participated in his first grappling tournament. Fighting in multiple NO-GI divisions, he managed to bring home a Silver medal in the Novice Welter weight division, and his first Gold medal in the Absolute Novice division! We were all very proud to see Jeff succeed in this tournament; many first -timers would have buckled under the pressure from a nationally ranked tournament.

Denver Merrifield-Nirva decided to participate on a whim and drove out to take home two silver medals in the Men’s NO-GI Intermediate as well as Advanced Feather Weight divisions. Denver had zero prep time for the tournament, but still managed to perform optimally.

Bentley Garner participated in the NO-GI as well as GI divisions, and brought home

Three Gold medals. His divisions were: Men’s GI Blue Belt Light Heavy Weight, Gi Blue Belt Middle weight, and Men’s NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight. Ben’s final match ended after a verbal submission from his opponent who was incapacitated due to a knee injury from a Judo Throw.

Congrats to all of the guys that participated, those wins mean a lot to the gym. Also, a big thanks to Rob for taking time out to support the fellas and endure such a long road trip to Colorado.

Utah Champion’s Challenge- March 27th, 2010

Below are the results from the Champion’s Challenge tournament that was held at UVU on March 27th.


Featherweight 3rd: Riley Petersen

Middleweight 3rd: William DaBell

White Belt

Middleweight 3rd: Eric Ciffone

Heavyweight 3rd: Dustin Bond




3rd: Chris Kennedy

Beginner Men

2nd: Jeff Nielson

Congratulations to everyone that went out to participate! We had some first-time participants with Eric and Dustin, who both did extremely well. Eric was forced to fight several matches that lasted over ten minutes, and Dustin actually choked someone unconscious (his opponent recovered after a few moments, and was fine to continue competing.) Everyone’s hard work paid off, and we look forward as a team to the next event. Team Absolute had a strong presence on the mat as competitors and referees, as well as spectators. Keep up the good work!