Monday, March 26, 2012

Mixed Martial Art Gym in Utah Inspires Success in High School Student

Student Spotlight for the month of April is one of our teenage members, Coley Armijo. Coley has been training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since September of 2011. Coley has made some significant changes in his life and we would like to share his success with all. We asked Coley to tell us in his own words what his experience was at Absolute MMA. Here is a copy of what he wrote.

"My name is Coley Armijo. I am a member of Team Absolute. Being a member of Team Absolute has inspired me to make goals in and outside of the gym. Some goals I have made this year was to get on the honor roll and graduate high school. I worked real hard in school, doing homework in class, being to class on time and showing up everyday. Doing that got me the award of Student of the Month in September, on the honor roll first and second quarters and I graduated a quarter early. I'm very happy to achieve my goals the way I have. I proved to everyone but more importantly I proved to myself I could do it."

Way to go, Coley! One success Coley didn't talk about, but is just as impressive, is his weight loss. Coley started training at a weight of 188 lbs. and he now weighs 162 lbs.! Coley also plans on competing in his first Jiu Jitsu tournament on April 14th. Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra are already proud of Coley's achievements and his hard work. His continued positive attitude, hard work and willingness to help others has made him an important part of Team Absolute. Another success story based on consistent, deliberate practice and the decision to make positive changes in life. Great work, Coley! We are proud to call you "teammate."

Total Mayhem Hosts Mixed Martial Arts Fights in Utah

Steve "Razor" Sharp is fighting on April 7th! Steve's opponent will be "Disco" Dave Foley at Total Mayhem's We're Back II. The show will be held at The Gym on 2805 South 2025 West in West Haven, Utah. This will be an all ages event and fights will start at 7 pm.

Both of these Mixed Martial Art fighters have impressive and colorful records. Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing will all be on display in this bout. It should be a great night of fights so come out and support our Absolute MMA team member in his latest match. You know you don't want to miss it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

MMA Fights in Utah Features Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Vadim Komarov, Absolute MMA fighter, will be appearing in the Steelfist Fight Night "7", Heavy Hitters. Vadim's opponent for this Mixed Martial Arts bout will be Ryan Wagner, owner a 2-2 record. Vadim has a record of 3-2 and will be looking to add another win to his stats.

Vadim has been training hard and improving all his skill sets. He has very fast hands for his weight of 205 lbs. and has been working consistently to polish his Jiu Jitsu.

The fights will be held at The Complex in Salt Lake City on Friday, April 20th. Doors open at 6 pm and fights start at 7 pm. Come watch our Team Absolute brother bring his game and take home a victory.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Muay Thai in Utah, Two Wins for Absolute MMA Fighters

Absolute MMA does it again! Two fights and two wins in March Mayhem's Muay Thai fights at the Muay Thai Institute.

It was a packed house with lots of anticipation in the air and a whole bunch of Team Absolute supporters in the crowd. Javier Jones was the first of the two fighters to display their skills. He came out the aggressor and took the fight to his more muscled opponent. Javier worked his hands while in close as his opponent tried to keep distance to apply kicks. Javier got swept a few times but was able to land quite a few punches that had his opponent dropping his hands out of exhaustion. Javier kept up the pressure in his first Muay Thai fight, for all three rounds and won a split decision to claim the first win of the night for Absolute MMA. Congratulations, Javier!

Alexis Asher's fight was really fast paced. Alexis came out swinging hard, using her boxing background, and drove her opponent against the rope right off the bell, landing hard shots to the head. Her opponent clinched and was subject to knees to the body and more punches to the head. Alexis' opponent tried to use foot jabs and kicks to stop taking damage but with little success. Alexis continued to land shots to the head with her punches and more knees to the body as the fight continued. Maintaining a hard pace, Alexis wore her opponent down and claimed a unanimous decision for the second win of the night from Team Absolute. Congratulations, Alexis!

Both Javier and Alexis train out of Absolute MMA, one of the best Muay Thai boxing gyms in Utah with Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jiu Jitsu in Utah Shines at NAGA tournament

Absolute MMA entered thirteen competitors at the North American Grapplers Association (NAGA) tournament last weekend. We took home 19 medals! Twelve 1st place finishes, four 2nd place finishes and three 3rd place finishes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the foundations of our program. Under Professor Rob Handley, we learn and demonstrate the quality of his instruction and teaching methods. We are constantly improving our technique and challenging each other to improve our game. This is evidenced in the performance of our team last Saturday. Here are the individual results from the event. Congratulations to all our competitors, win or lose. We are proud of you all.

Mens NO-GI Novice Feather Weight
3rd Place Matt Belchak
Mens GI White Belt Feather Weight
2nd Place Matt Belchak

Mens NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st Place Denver Merrifield-Nirva
Mens GI Blue Belt Feather Weight
1st Place Denver Merrifield - Nirva

Mens NO-GI Expert Light Weight
1st Place Cameron Dansie
Mens GI Purple Belt Light Weight
1st Place Cameron Dansie

Mens NO-GI Intermediate Super Heavy Weight
2nd Place Ryan Williamson
Mens NO-GI Expert Super Heavy Weight
3rd Place Ryan Williamson

Womens NO-GI Expert
1st Place Rebecca Rodriguez
Womens GI Expert
1st Place Rebecca Rodriguez

Mens GI Blue Belt Light Weight
1st Place Justin Mitterling

Mens GI Blue Belt Cruiser Weight
1st Place William DaBell

Mens GI Blue Belt Super Heavy Weight
3rd Place Jared Fackrell
Mens GI Masters White Belt Super Heavy Weight
1st Place Jared Fackrell

Mens GI Purple Belt Cruiser Weight
1st Place Bentley Garner

Mens GI Masters Blue Belt Light Weight
2nd Place Eric Ciffone

Mens GI Directors Expert
1st Place Pedro Sierra

Kids NO-GI Beginner 49.9 lbs. and Under 7 & 8 year olds
2nd Place Mason Ciffone
Kids GI Beginner 49.9 lbs. & Under 7 & 8 year olds
1st Place Mason Ciffone