Friday, December 1, 2006

First Blog!

This is the blog for Absolute MMA in West Jordan, Utah. We have 3000 square feet of mixed martial arts training area where we like to train hard and we try to create a worthwhile and rewarding experience for every student that chooses to train here.

This week we are honored to have with us, Grand Master Flavio Behring; who has sixty years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under his belt. He will be doing a seminar for us tomorrow which will definately give me a new perspective about the game and several new submissions to try. It will be a good time for anyone who comes and checks it out. Master Behring will be here all next week as well. So, stop by and train for sure in the next week sometime.

Thanks for stopping by to read my first blog. Stay tuned for more updates from Absolute MMA.

Photos courtesy of Honeycomb Studio

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