Monday, July 28, 2008


photo courtesy of Miyo Strong

Cage News – Light Heavyweights, Lightweights and Featherweights

The crew hammered out the current local rankings in the quest to find Utah’s very best. Once again the lists are loaded from top to bottom with prime talent.

145 Featherweights

1. Steve Siler

2. Travis Marx

3. Camrann Pacheco (ABSOLUTE MMA)

4. Lance Gorman

5. Casey Beckstead

Another testament to the level of MMA in Utah, most of these guys could be competitive against the best from anywhere. The list is solid as is, but insiders predict a meteoric rise by the exciting number 3 on our list. Camrann Pacheco.

155 Lightweight

1. Birddog

2. Steve Sharp (ABSOLUTE MMA)

3. Shane Brenner

4. Rad Martinez

5. Dustin Collins

All of these lightweights are currently active and ready to hammer out their respective standings.

170 Welterweight

Maybe not as deep as the middleweight class, the welterweight still brings us some of the most exciting and dynamic fighters we have ever seen locally. Lucky for us, the pecking order is more clear, and all five of these fighters are still active locally, but with at least three of them looking ready to make the big jump, now is the time to catch these guys live.

1. DaMarques Johnson

2. Chris Kennedy

3. Mike Arrant

4. Nate Gerrard

5. Harold Lucambio (ABSOLUTE MMA)

205 Light Heavyweights

1. Ben Fuimaono (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2. Hank Weiss

3. Jordan Smith

4. Sean O’Connell

5. Cole Rose

All of these fighters are currently active and ready to fight it out to either claim their rightful spot or cement their current standing.

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