Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Evan Tannner

We were shocked this week to find out about the passing of Evan Tanner. He was a good friend of the gym and he will be missed. Evan was a beloved man in the MMA world with many friends and fans. We considered it a very fortunate turn of events that led Evan to train at our gym. It had been several months since he had been back but I know that all who were fortunate enough to work with him when he was here remember it fondly and are saddened by the loss. I have included some pictures of sparring sessions from a few of his trips to Salt Lake City when he was working on his return to the UFC.

Click on a picture to see an enlarged version

I really like this picture from Evan sparring with Ben Fu
And the takedown

Here he is signing an autograph for the gym

This is Evan giving some advice to Steven "Razor" Sharp


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