Monday, February 23, 2009


ABSOLUTE FIGHTERS WIN AT Throwdown "Showdown III: Big Time"

Veteran Steve Sharp met up-and-comer Dayn
e Aristizabal in a lightweight slugfest. The fighters started off with a hug in the center of the cage instead of the customary touch of gloves. The fight began with a lot of kicks before Sharp landed a solid right to the chin. Aristizabal, a jiu-jitsu specialist, tried to take the fight to the ground but ate six or seven solid elbows to the head in trying to do so. The fighters separated, when Aristizabal tapped on his chin, inviting Sharp to test it. A hard right from the veteran staggered Aristizabal. Sharp backed off for a second before unleashing another right that scored a knock out at 4:56 of the first round.

Featherweights Olly Bradstreet and Camrann Pacheco put on a show, both working feverishly to finish the fight throughout the three rounds. Bradstreet showed good patience early, taking Pacheco down and avoiding his submission attempts and using solid ground and pound. Pacheco escaped a potentially dangerous crucifix position and used an excellent rubber guard to avoid the worst of the damage late in round one. Round two had the crowd chanting for both fighters as Pacheco tried an arm bar and nearly ended the fight with a triangle toward the end of the round. Bradstreet threw damaging knees to the ribs while stuck in the triangle, giving him just enough space to hold on until the bell. Pacheco's submission attempts in the third round were thwarted by a now-slippery Bradstreet, and both fighters battled hard until the end. Pacheco won out in a split decision.

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