Monday, November 23, 2009

2-3 Absolute Fighters win! Cam wins by RNC!

Congratulations Fellas! It was a great night of fights, every fight on the card had dynamite written all over it! In the first undercard fight, Eduardo Rivera defeated Sean Whalen by knocking him out at 2:34 in the first round. Camrann Pacheco defeated Eddie Pelczynski with perfect execution of his game plan designed by coach Rob Handley, Cam landed a straight left that sent Eddie to the floor, followed up by some viscous ground and pound forcing Eddie to turn to his stomach while Pacheco cautiously followed up with dominant back mount and sinking in the RNC in just 1:34 seconds of the first round. Steven "Razor" Sharp lost a five-round, 25 minute unanimous decision to Champion Rad Martinez. American Whu-Hitu fighter, Josh "The People's Warrior" Burkman knocked out Brandon "The Murder" Melendez at 4:14 with a vicious right punch that sent Melendez to his back causing the ref to jump in and end the fight.

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