Thursday, May 13, 2010

Absolute Fighters at WCFC

155 Light Weight
Robert "The Wrecker" Densley (Absolute MMA) vs Brian "The Cannibal" Thomas (The Academy)......Both of these sluggers have been away from the game for a little while and plan on making a huge "dent" in the lightweight division now that they are back. The Wrecker at one one time was Utah's undisputed lightweight champ and Brian is Undefeated in the cage.

170 Welter Weight
Sean Whalen (The Academy) vs Eduardo Rivera (Absolute MMA)..... this fight is a rematch, similar to the Arrant/Koffi fight Sean was hit with a wild right hook that ended his night.... he wants nothing more than to beat Eduardo and has agreed to give Eduardo a HOUSE if he beats him again!! Sean is a multi millionaire and owner of "Empower Group"....he fights for the fun of it!!

Lindsey Barnes (Absolute MMA) vs Brittany Howard (Foleys MMA)......Brittny Howard had her first pro fight against Tandie Schaffer in Orem, she is a scrapper and one of Utah's top female fighters. Lindsey Barnes has been training with some of the best including Steven "Razor" Sharp. I am expecting one of the best "Girl Fights" ever!

170 Welter Weight
"Mad" Mike Arrant (Labato MMA, One Hit MMA) vs Koffi "Lil Rampage" Adzitso (Absolute MMA)..... this fight is a rematch, Mike KO'ed Koffi in 30 seconds with what Koffis camp called "a lucky shot"..Koffi asked for a rematch and Mike excepted. Dont blink or you may miss this fight!!

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