Monday, February 27, 2012

Mixed Martial Arts Training Culminates in Showdown Fights: Breakout Show

Showdown Fights: Breakout was a great show this last Saturday. Exciting fights and an electric atmosphere made for a great night.

Steve Sharp, exciting and fierce as always, finished Mario Espinoza in three minutes of the very first round. These boys talked about having a stand up, knockdown, knuckle and skull fight in their pre-fight interviews. They did not disappoint. Both fighters came out swinging with Steve getting the better of every exchange. Steve threw some monster leg kicks which had Mario limping and looking for a takedown as a way out. Not one to miss an opportunity, Steve cinched down a guillotine choke that ended the fight. Steve showed again why he is an exciting fighter out of the Absolute MMA camp with a quick and decisive finish.

Josh Burkman and Koffi Adzitso had a regular barn burner that went all three rounds. Both fighters laded hard punches with Burkman getting the better of the the takedowns. Neither gave an inch and gave everything they had to get the "W". Josh got the unanimous decision but both walked away with respect for each other and adoration from the crowd.

Showdown Fights: Breakout got notice from They posted fight results and a mention of Burkman's win. Great show and great fights. We look forward to more of the same in the future.

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