Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Muay Thai in Utah, Two Wins for Absolute MMA Fighters

Absolute MMA does it again! Two fights and two wins in March Mayhem's Muay Thai fights at the Muay Thai Institute.

It was a packed house with lots of anticipation in the air and a whole bunch of Team Absolute supporters in the crowd. Javier Jones was the first of the two fighters to display their skills. He came out the aggressor and took the fight to his more muscled opponent. Javier worked his hands while in close as his opponent tried to keep distance to apply kicks. Javier got swept a few times but was able to land quite a few punches that had his opponent dropping his hands out of exhaustion. Javier kept up the pressure in his first Muay Thai fight, for all three rounds and won a split decision to claim the first win of the night for Absolute MMA. Congratulations, Javier!

Alexis Asher's fight was really fast paced. Alexis came out swinging hard, using her boxing background, and drove her opponent against the rope right off the bell, landing hard shots to the head. Her opponent clinched and was subject to knees to the body and more punches to the head. Alexis' opponent tried to use foot jabs and kicks to stop taking damage but with little success. Alexis continued to land shots to the head with her punches and more knees to the body as the fight continued. Maintaining a hard pace, Alexis wore her opponent down and claimed a unanimous decision for the second win of the night from Team Absolute. Congratulations, Alexis!

Both Javier and Alexis train out of Absolute MMA, one of the best Muay Thai boxing gyms in Utah with Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra.

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