Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Student Spotlight at Absolute Mixed Martial Arts

Our student spotlight for the month of May is Elloy Berumen. Elloy has been a member of Absolute MMA for about seven and a half months now. Elloy's main focus for that time was Muay Thai Boxing. Only within the last two weeks has he ventured into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Elloy, like many of our team, has achieved some great success in reaching his goals. In the time he has been with us, he has lost 35 pounds! He is aiming for more but what a great accomplishment! I talked with Elloy for a bit about his experience at Absolute MMA and what he feels has changed for him as a result of training with us. Elloy's first response was that his mindset has changed. When asked what he meant he said, "This place has changed my life." Elloy said his whole outlook has changed. He feels he is a more positive person as well as patient. According to Elloy, he is happier now instead of depressed like he was in the time before he trained. Elloy says he looks forward to coming to the gym, he is motivated to be here. I asked him what it is that motivated him and he said, "I want to be better! I want to improve my skill and my fitness." Elloy also said he thinks twice before he eats something, just so he can do well in class. He has learned that eating better changes his performance for better or worse and tries to do things for positive change. Elloy says he likes the positive environment at Absolute MMA and the fact that all of the students try to help each other get better. Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra say "Absolute MMA is a positive place for positive change." We are happy to have Elloy with us. He works hard, comes consistently and is always looking to improve.

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