Monday, September 24, 2012

Absolute MMA | Mixed Martial Arts Fights | Braden Kilpack Victory | West Jordan Muay Thai

Absolute MMA fighter Braeden Kilpack had his second Mixed Martial Arts match at Maximus V on September 8th of 2012. The match was at 145 lbs. and under amateur rules. He dominated early in the fight after a brief period testing the distance of Jorge Patino. Once Braeden got his range it was a classic Muay Thai match. George took approximately 30 unanswered, unchecked kicks during this contest.

At one point in the second round, Braeden had a deep guillotine choke. George was able to defend well enough that Braeden let it go and went back to striking. 
 Braden ended the fight, with two seconds left in the third and final round, with an overwhelming barrage of punches. This finish had been set up by his relentless kicking attack on the lead leg of his opponent. The damage caused by those kicks took away the movement of Patino, giving Braeden the opportunity to rain down blows for the finish.

Congratulations Braeden! Well fought fight and a well deserved win.

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