Saturday, October 4, 2008

ABSOLUTE FIGHTERS recover from tough losses

Steven Siler vs. Camrann Pacheco: The lightweight title bout was fireworks both standing and on the ground. Siler and Pacheco let it all out with kicks and punches, swinging for the fences and landing some solid shots between them. When the fight went to the mat, the fans were treated to some really good, technical jiu-jitsu, a barrage of heel hooks, arm bars and escapes. Siler came out on top with a choke in the first round to claim the belt.

Steve Sharp vs. Rad Martinez: The featherweight title fight had splashes of excitement, but there was an awful lot of Martinez using his wrestling skills to maintain control, even if he wasn't doing much to finish the fight. To his credit, Sharp landed some nice elbows from the bottom, but overall the five-round fight was decided by Martinez's smothering ground game. The judges gave Martinez a unanimous 49-46 decision.

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