Sunday, October 19, 2008



Damon Davis said...

For anyone who reads this- I have know rob for about 7 years. It took me about 1 year to get the balls to just jump in. I have NO BACKGROUND in fighting. I wrestled for one year in 9th grade and that's it.

When I first went to work out with Rob I was afraid I was going to make and ass of myself... I did, but everyone in the gym was super friendly and encouraging.

Cam-P taught my first ever class on BJJ and I realized that its not about how you stack up to other but how you measure up to your self.

I am more motivated now to get in shape and learn some skillz that will help me.

If you are on the fence and thinking about it... Just do it. You wont regret it unless you just pay your fee and sit on your ass. then you only have yourself to blame.

NO ROB DID NOT pay me to post to his blog.. In fact he will probably call me a kiss ass who is looking for a discount.

Absolute MMA said...

Thanks Damon. We are glad to have you in the gym. More people need to take advantage of the opprtunities we have to offer. Congrats for finding motivation to be your best!!

Miyo Strong @ Busath said...

That is the best advice I've heard! I loved your comment about better to start at 35 than 45, that's my feeling too! I trained a ton about 10 years ago and then had 2 kids and am just barely coming back. I miss the 20 year old cardio but love the 30 year old dedication... Come train at night so I can meet you!