Thursday, November 20, 2008


Congratulations Team!! We are very proud of each and everyone of you. Thank you for all your hard work and discipline. You are all warriors. Below are the results:

Most Medals

1st: Throwdown ETC = 23 (9 gold [including 3 belts], 8 silver, 6 bronze)
2nd: Absolute MMA = 18 (9 gold [including 1 belt], 5 silver, 4 bronze)
3rd: Brigham Young University = 13 (3 gold [including 1 belt], 3 silver, 7 bronze)
4th: Fusion Academy = 7 (4 gold, 3 bronze)
4th: Champion Jiu-Jitsu = 7 (1 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze)

Most Gold
1st: Throwdown ETC = 9 (including 3 belts)
1st: Absolute MMA = 9 (including 1 belt)
3rd: Fusion Academy = 4
4th: Brigham Young University = 3 (including 1 belt)
4th: Westside Jiu-Jitsu = 3

Absolute Professional
1st: Court McGee (Throwdown ETC)
2nd: Dayne Aristizabal (Throwdown ETC)
3rd: Harold Lucambio (Absolute MMA)
4th: Steve Sharp (Absolute MMA)

*Harold's match with Court in the Second round was nearly 50 minutes.
*Steve and Harold were scheduled to fight for 3rd place, Steve succedded to Harold, giving Harold the 3rd place finish.

Absolute Amateur
1st: Rand Gardner (Throwdown ETC)
2nd: Sam Allen (Independent)
3rd: Phil Allred (Absolute MMA)
4th Josh Bateman (Throwdown/Champion/UVU)

*this one could have gotten out of hand quickly, mostly dirty wrestling... Phil has to learn to control his intensity and fight for the finish.

Absolute Women
Draw: Milda Shibonis (Wasatch Jiu-Jitsu)
Draw: Rebecca Rodriguez (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Julie Chamberlain (Throwdown/Champion)
4th: Jerusha Woodward (Bushi Ban)

* At 1 hour and 18 minutes of the women's final in which Rebecca's opponent, who drastically out weighed her, asked to stop the match thus forcing a draw.

Advanced: Light Weight (137-169 lbs)
1st: Eric Stevens (Independent/BYU)
2nd: Jeffrey Willingham (Throwdown ETC)
3rd: Camrann Pacheco (Absolute MMA)
4th: Damon Morgan (Unified/Westside)

*Cam definately showed the crowd some great Jiu Jitsu and his submission versatility. He continues to get better everyday.

Advanced: Middle Weight (176-188 lbs)
1st: Damarques Johnson (Throwdown/Elite Performance)
2nd: Chris Rossiter (Throwdown ETC)
3rd: Harold Lucambio (Absolute MMA)
4th: Richard Cesena (Unified/Westside)

*I'm sure if you added up all the time Harold was on the mat he was by far the most conditioned athlete on the mat that day. Some might say the most boring.... I say he gets the job done in the manner he likes to play the game.

Intermediate: Light Weight (136-159 lbs)
1st: Cameron Dansie (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Riley Petersen (Absolute MMA)

3rd: Tyler Belnap (Independent)
4th: Eddie Pelczynski (Throwdown ETC)

*Young Guns go 1 and 2. Dansie's been avoiding competition... I think he's got the bug again!

Intermediate: Heavy Weight (184-199 lbs)
1st: Ben Garner (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Zach Boskovich (Unified)
3rd: Temo Lleverino (Throwdown ETC)
4th: Josh Bateman (Throwdown/Champion/UVU)

*What most people don't know is Ben competed with spiral fractures in two diferrent toes... this man knows no pain!!

Beginner: Light Weight (130-147 lbs)
1st: Denver Merrifield-Nirva (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Nelson Lopez (Throwdown ETC)
3rd: Ryan Norman (Westside)
4th: Daniel Herbert (BYU)

* Denver really suprised me, no not really, I knew he had the ingredients already. We are expecting big things from him.

Beginner: Middle Weight (161-168 lbs)
1st: Chris Kennedy (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Brian Iversen (Unified)
3rd: Kipp Sorensen (Unified)
4th: Eli Steele (Throwdown ETC)

*Chris just returned from a mission recently and has been on the mat since he got home. Those guys didnt have much of a chance.

Beginner: Super Heavy Weight (217-241 lbs)
1st: Phil Allred (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Greg Loebel (Paul Tom Academy of MMA)
3rd: Troy Hunt (Paul Tom Academy of MMA)

*Phil pulled a beautiful Peruvian neck tie to wrap up his division.

Novice: Light Weight (144-159 lbs)
1st: Eric Tobler (Throwdown ETC)
2nd: Matt Cannon (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Ezekiel Merrizam (BYU)
4th: Peter Crawford (BYU)

*Cannon gets it done, one more in the young guns crew.

Novice: Middle Weight (170-185 lbs)
1st: Edson Lima (Hybrid)
2nd: Samneta Kem (Independent)
3rd: Erik Peet (BYU)
4th: Bret Gold (Absolute MMA)

*This was Bret's first competition and enjoyed every minute of it.

Novice: Cruiser Weight (193-198 lbs)
1st: Michael Hagen (Fusion)
2nd: Chris Lewis (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Stephen Gillmore (UVU)
4th: Patrick Glazebrook (Paul Tom/BYU)

*We learned quickly that Chris was going to listen to his coaches as we walked him through completing a kimura for the first time ever.... ever including training.

1st: Tony Ventrano (Fusion)
2nd: Michael "STUMP" Brown (Absolute MMA)
3rd: Steffen Soller (Fusion)
4th: Brian Patterson (Bushi Ban)

*Stump worked his way to the finals by dominating his opponents. Lessons learned.
*edited after speaking with Stumper, Tony was the better man that day*

Women: Welter Weight
1st: Rebecca Rodriquez (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Miyo Strong (Absolute MMA)

3rd: Stephanie Jensen (BYU)
4th: Meagan Brandley (BYU)

*the ladies of ABSOLUTE going 1 and 2!! Miyo's first time on the competition floor in almost 10 years. If Rebecca gets your neck, its good night! I wish I had 10 more just like you two.

Kids: Feather Weight
1st: Nathan Malloy (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Jakob Weist (Champion)

*Nathan choked one opponent completely unconscious in one of his 8 or 9 wins.

Kids: Light Weight
1st: Jordan Wolfgramm (Absolute MMA)
2nd: Tyler Baxter (Champion)

*Jordan is often times the smaller one in most of his matches, He difinately showed his A game.


Anonymous said...

Harold did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing his next fight. He has great technique I feel sorry for the guy he fights next.

Team Harold "The Constrictor" Lucambio


edited after speaking with Stumper, Tony was the better man that day.Thanks for the clarification fellas.