Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sub 4 Santa TEAM champions!

Congratulations Gang!!! Bringing home some hardware from the Sub 4 Santa tournament sponsored by the American Grappling Games crew. This make the second year in a row that our team has won the TEAM title in the Aggro games. Its good to see the new blood and some crafty vets rep'n the gym. You guys are awesome. Great job fellas.


White belt lightweight (155 and under)

1st- Greg Hearty (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd- Job Freedman

3rd- Ryan Whipple

White belt welter (156 - 170)

1st - Chris Kennedy (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Thomas Wagner

3rd - Kyle Crandall

White Belt Middle (171-186)

1st - William DaBell (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - John Cates

3rd - Kyle Bickman

White Belt light heavy (185-205)

1st - Christopher Lewis (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Michael Hafen

3rd - Cole Rose

Blue / Purple light Heavy (186-205)

1st - Ben Garner (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Jason South

3rd - Jason South

Blue / Purple SuperHeavy (230 +) Merged bracket **

1st - Jeff Leir

2nd - Mat Hearty (ABSOLUTE MMA)

3rd - Ryan Williams (ABSOLUTE MMA)

----------------------------NO GI Results---------------------

Novice lightweight (155 & under)

1st - Aaron Cook

2nd - Alec Rodriquez (ABSOLUTE MMA)

3rd - Peter Crawford

Novice Middleweight (171- 185)

1st - William Dabell (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Kyle Bickman

3rd - Gerardo Magana

Novice LightHeavy (186-205)

1st - Chris Lewis (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Matt Lake

3rd - Mace Warren

Beginner lightweight (155 & under)

1st - Jason Thompson

2nd - Satao, Kensei

3rd - Greg Hearty (ABSOLUTE MMA)

Beginner welterweight (156 - 170)

1st - Chris Kennedy (ABSOLUTE MMA)

2nd - Thomas Wagner

3rd - Konrad Jones

Intermediate Heavy (206 - 230)

1st - Ma-afu Fosita

2nd - Matt Hearty (ABSOLUTE MMA)

Intermediate superheavy (230+)

1st - Cameron Grifiths

2nd - Ryan Williamson (ABSOLUTE MMA)

Team championship (methodology used for calculating the winner is that each gold medal given is worth 4 pts, each silver 3pts each bronze is 2 pts).

1st - Absolute MMA

2nd - U.C.T.C / Mori Academy (tie)

3rd - Unifed BJJ

4th - Fusion (just missed Unified by 1 pt)

Point totals by team:

48 pts Absolute MMA
36 pts U.C.T.C Tie w/ Mori Academy
35 pts Unified
34 pts Fusion Academy
13 pts Twin Falls BJJ
10 pts Midvale Mayhem
8 pts West Side Jiu-Jitsu
5 pts Mushin
4 pts Lobato
2 pts Perform X
2 pts Champion Jiu Jitsu

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