Monday, January 19, 2009



It was a rough night for the boys. Lessons learned. Congrats fellas for getting in there and putting it on the line. Results courtesy of Check out the pictures at Miyo's Blog.

Adam Butcher
vs. Riley Petersen

Adam Butcher looked like a seasoned vet in his MMA debut, showing great hand speed and slick submission skills en route to a Rear Naked choke in the first round. Great way to start off the night.

Charlie Kent vs. Robert Densley

The long awaited return of the Wrecker ended unceremoniously with a highly controversial referee stoppage. Long story short, the exchanges were good, Kent rocked Densley, who recovered nicely to begin working for an arm bar, but the ref jumped in. The Vanilla Gorilla had a lot of fans in the crowd, but nobody wanted to see him win that way. Densley and his camp from Absolute MMA were noticeably distraught, with good reason. Unfortunately, despite a promising start, this fight didn't answer any questions. Thecagenews smells rematch.

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