Thursday, October 8, 2009

MMA Xplosion Press Conference

The main event will feature John “Quick Guns” Gunderson of Xtreme Couture taking on Steve “Razor” Sharp of Salt Lake City’s Absolute MMA.

Sharp said he and Gunderson tried out for Ken Shamrock’s IFL team, but he broke his hand and could not continue with the tryout. Because of that, this matchup with Gunderson is important for him, he said.

“John’s gone on with the IFL and has done really well for himself, “ Sharp said.

“For me to do really well against him and beat him would be an honor and it would show me that I could have been there and I could have done what he’s done in the last few years. And it would show me that even though I just turned 30, I am not too old to fight.”

Sharp, who has gone the distance in three championship fights prior to this one, feels he has the advantage because he will not have to cut much weight for the fight.

“I’m not going to have to cut a lot of water weight, which is where I feel you can really hurt yourself right before a fight. I’m feeling pretty good for this one,” Sharp said. “I think it gives me an advantage when we have to go five rounds. If it does go to the later rounds, I think I’ll have the advantage, even though I’m the smaller fighter. “

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