Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Absolute MMA top Utah team again

On July 31st Team Absolute competed in the Utah Grappling Games. This tournament was by far one of our best showings ever. Everyone had a great time, and there were no lasting injuries from the tournament. Congratulations to everyone that participated, but extra kudos to Bentley Garner who placed 1st in the invitation-only “Grappler Fight Show” division, and to Riley Peterson who was the Absolute Champion, taking 1st place out of the entire Men’s Gi Division. Listed below are Team totals and individual placing:

Overall Top Teams- 1st place w/36 points
Top Adult Teams- 1st place w/31 points
Top Gi Teams- 1st place w/19 points
Top No-Gi Teams-1st place w/17 points

Champion Grappler Fight Show
Bentley Garner- 1st place w/4 points

Absolute/Division Champion-Men's Gi
Riley Peterson- 1st place w/4 points

Gi Divisions

Advanced Men's Gi

Feather/Light/welter: 0-169.9 lbs
Cameron Dansie-2nd place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-199.9lbs
Michael "Stumper" Brown- 3rd place w/2 points

Men's Blue Belt

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9 lbs
Riley Peterson- 1st place w/2 points
Denver Merrifield-Nirva- 3rd place w/1 point

Light/Welter: 150-169.9
Chris Kennedy- 1sr place w/2 points

Men's White Belt

Light: 150-159.9 lbs
Nic Johnson- 2nd place w/1 point

Heavy/Open: 200+ lbs
Jared Fackrell- 3rd place w/1 point

Women Gi

Middle weight: 140-159.9 lbs
Chelsea Kilpack- 2nd place w/1 point

Beginner Junior Gi

Teen Divison: 2
Chase Lazar- 2nd place w/1 point
Teen Division: 3
Aaron Thomson- 1st place w/ 2 points

No Gi Divisions

Advanced Men's No Gi

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9lbs
Cameron Dansie- 2nd place w/2 points

Men Intermediate No Gi

Fly/Feather: 0-149.9 lbs
Denver Merrifield-Nirva- 1st place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-199.9 lbs
Jeff Nelson- 1st place w/ 2 points

Men Beginner No Gi

Light: 150-159.9 lbs
Nic Johnson- 1st place w/2 points

Middle/Cruiser: 170-189.9 lbs
Jeff Nelson- 1st place w/2 points

Beginner Junior No Gi
Teen: Division 2
Aaron Thomson- 1st place w/2 points

Great Work!! Click here for more results

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