Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kettlebell Seminar was a huge success

Catherine Imes and Rob Handley

We had some excellent Kettlebell training with Catherine Imes, Master of Sport. She visited to give some instruction on kettlebells and fitness.

Day one - Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Certification

Catherine started on Friday, teaching the Kettlebell Fitness Protocol. I attended this course to obtain my certification but little did I know the extent and level of knowledge I would receive! We got a basic overview of the basic techniques included of which we were already to have a good understanding. Even in this basic instruction there were great pieces of information which will help me and those I train to be more efficient. Hand positioning, swing technique, the importance of building basic technique to develop more complex movements and breathing were a few of the items covered. We then moved on to the Fitness Protocol. Catherine explained the methodology and reasoning behind it as well as several types of example workouts. We recieved our Certifications and a great deal more then expected.

Day two and three - kettlebell enthusiast and fighter training

Fighters and kettlebell enthusiasts were present for these classes. We had a large variance in the level of experience in this group. Participants had from competition experience and a few years of training to never having touched a kettlebell before. Catherine taught at a level all could benefit and learn from. She went over basic techniques and made us practice each one with instruction for each which corrected flaws in our practice. She stressed the basics and proper technique which is exactly how we train for Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. We did a mini workout to help identify rough spots and correct them. Catherine then held a question and answer session at the end of each day which allowed us to clear up any misunderstanding or difficulties.

Catherine is obviously a very knowledgeable coach and trainer. She was also very approachable and didn't hold information back. We are very fortunate to have her train us and will work hard to reap the benefits of this education.

-Pedro Sierra

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