Thursday, December 3, 2009

Absolute Fighter Denver Merrifield-Nirva

Sorry for the delay folks, but here is the scoop on Denver’s fight!

Team Absolute’s, Denver Merrifield-Nirva had his first fight (and victory) at the Ultimate Combat Experience on November 7th. Denver has overcome some minor hurdles on the path to the cage; shortly before a scheduled fight in June his arm was broken at a Muay Thai seminar, and the night before the UCE show, another fight was cancelled due to a lack of blood work completion from other fighters.

Taking the fight at the last minute proved to be a wise choice, and UCE was very lucky to have such a talented fighter step into their cage. Fighting at bantam weight (135lbs) he proved how strong his Muay Thai skills are and won the fight by TKO approximately two and one half minutes into the first round. His commitment to training and his unfailing determination were plain to see, on his feet and on the ground. Congrats to Denver and a big thanks to everyone on the Team that showed up to support him!

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