Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meet Chelsea Kilpack...

Hey Gang. I wanted to share something I recently came across killing some time learning more about the folks around the gym, to my surprise I came upon this wonderful account of someone in our gym and her first experience with our gym..... Meet Chelsea Kilpack!!!

First of all sorry for putting you on blast Chelsea, actually as I write this I'm envisioning her threatening me with a head kick, for the picture attached to this but wait til you see her most current photos :), as its been nearly a year training with us at Absolute MMA.

February of this year was a month that changed my life. I joined a mixed martial arts gym, Absolute MMA. My little brother (Braeden) had watched the fighting movie Never Back Down and started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of a small gym, with a guy that turned out to be a total whacko. When my mom pulled him out of the gym (which was actually a loading dock in an industrial complex,) he began researching for a new place to study; thankfully, he found Absolute.... read more here

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